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Some time ago, the story of a photographer went viral for deleting all the wedding pictures he was hired to shoot because he wasn’t offered food😮.

Was he right? Was he wrong? How about the couple that hired him…should they have made provision for his feeding or not?


Your regular gisters Dr. Ayotunde , Cynthia and AMA shared their thoughts AS USUAL. Listen to the podcast and also watch the video 👇


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Loans and Sharks

In recent times, a number of persons have received unsolicited messages from FinTech loan companies about known and unknown individuals who default in loan repayment.

The aim of this “technique” is to enforce repayment via the instrumentation of public embarrassment.

Is this a right approach? Is it legal? Can FinTech companies be sued for harassment?

We discussed these and more in this episode of Gist Arena.

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